Secure Your Valuable Information

Keeping your business and client information private and confidential demands constant vigilance. We can help keep your valuable business assets safe and secure.

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Are You Frustrated By It All?

If you want to find a better way to deal with the ever growing piles of paper in your business and the regulations that accompany them... we're here to help.

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Are You Really Prepared?

What if your company data actually disappeared? Poof! A virus. A hard drive malfunction. An Act of God. Are you ready for that day? Reality is, it's not a question of if that will happen, but when that will happen.

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Paperless? Are There Options?

The desire to go paperless is ever present. Can you really be without it? Doubtfully, but there are options. Lots of them actually. Let us help you come up with a plan to get the best of both worlds.

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Mike Sullivan

Keep up to date on what Mike is doing and thinking. Automated's President & CEO is passionately committed to helping you and other businesses in the Central PA region with your information, records and data needs and requirements.

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Are You Compliant?

Automated's Training Program provides an easy & effective system for complying with the training requirements of all major US data protection regulations, including HIPAA and the FACTA Red Flags Rule.

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I am pleased to announce that Iron Mountain Information Management, LLC. (NYSE: IRM) has recently acquired the Records Management, Shredding, and Data Back Up and Recovery assets of AUTOMATED RECORDS CENTRE, INC.

As an Iron Mountain customer, you will continue to enjoy the same level of professional service you have come to rely upon from AUTOMATED RECORDS CENTRE, INC. While, in the near future, we will introduce you to the many benefits of doing business with the industry leader, our immediate focus is to make the transition from AUTOMATED RECORDS CENTRE, INC. to Iron Mountain a seamless one. Over the coming weeks, you should continue to place orders and communicate through AUTOMATED RECORDS CENTRE, INC. at 814-238-6874 until the transition to Iron Mountain is completed.

In the coming months, you will be introduced to the enhanced records management services and many other extended benefits provided by Iron Mountain. You will be receiving information about Iron Mountain’s online ordering system Iron Mountain Connect™ and Quick Reference Guide that provides you with many of the frequently used phone numbers you will need as we move forward. We also encourage you to visit the website at and Customer Information Center at to learn more about the company.

For now, it is business as usual. Your primary points of contact in Sales and Customer Service will remain the same for the time being. If you have any questions, please contact your Account Representative or Customer Service at 814-238-6874. Thank you for your continued business.

For more information on Iron Mountain, please visit and our Customer Information Center at

Stimulus plan that works

Employee Compliance Training

Automated’s Training Program provides an easy & effective system for complying with the employee training requirements of all major US data protection regulations, including HIPAA and the FACTA Red Flags Rule. This program is available free-of-charge for you.

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Big Business Trends

Your Filing Cabinet Is Costing You

Reducing overhead expenses is critical to running a business. Fuel and energy costs are often the first things targeted when cuts are being made, however it may be surprising to learn that one of the items costing your business the most is the seemingly innocuous filing cabinet.

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Automated Guarantee

The Automated Guarantee

We’re so confident, if you aren’t happy with our service after 6 months, we’ll refund your money and deliver your boxes to your local office – no questions asked except “why?”

That’s the Automated Guarantee.